Good internet connections are necessary to run apps, programs and webpages/services.

We have for a number of years delivered equipment/devices and knowledge about network to:

Creation of wifi solutions
Content filtering
Firewalls; rules, routing etc.

Wireless technology is still developing and we still have many conversations about wireless networks. We can deliver access points and antennas. We can deliver configuration - we can also deliver a controller so it is possible to walk from access point to access point without losing internet connection.

It is quite rare we deliver VPN solutions because our customer uses to high degree cloud and hosting solutions where  VPN is handled by the cloud and hosting provider.

Content filtering can be blocking of a homepage or a more dedicated  filtering of content t.ex. porno. We have delivered, what our customer calls, a pornofilter for a school.

A firewall is in our understanding a toolbox which handles internet access, it support security, priority and many other things. A firewall can also be a controller for access points or filter content, spam or viruses.

We prefer Zyxel products which means we have most experiences with Zyxel products.

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